About us
Who are we?

We are a couple of Java Programmers looking to extend and increase the Java Gaming industry. We are extreme jME(Java Monkey Engine) users that have been busy with the framework since jME(Java Monkey Engine) was born.

Nicolaas de Bruyn, AKA tGiant

I am an enthusiastic Java Developer working in the Enterprise industry. I have a passion for writing code in Java and experimenting with new technologies in this language and other languages. My hobby is to write 3D Java code in jME(Java Monkey Engine) and supporting this framework.

Tareq Doufish, AKA Outrunner

I am a Java developer, mostly doing Enterprise applications, i love Java language very much, very eager to learn more and more, i love gaming soooo much.

Ben acord, AKA digitalntburn

By trade I am a DBA and UNIX admin. But my hobbies include game theory, level design (from a structured standpoint similar to software engineering), and the utilizing of open source software in the production of video games. I also have background in art. Keeping the documentation related to Monkey World 3D up-to-date is my primary contribution back to the community.