Here are the new and the noteworthy items of this MonkeyWorld3D release:


Pure geometry layers:
Introducing another concept of editing shapes in the scene, by adding a pure geometry, through layers you can create and add as much as you could of static shapes in your environment, and manage them. You can select multiple geometries and manipulate them via gizmos, you can move, rotate, and scale those selected geometries at once.
Easier selection
  • Bounding Boxes: you freely move the mouse in the 3D scene, the bounding box will appear on the entity that is in the underlying mouse location in relative to the scene, something similar to hovering the mouse on some testing or component. When those geometries are selected, then the bounding box will stick on those geometries, and of course the color will change, indicating that they are currently selected and ready to be manipulated via controls.
  • Ruber ban selector: You can draw a box on 3d scene and those geomtries on the layers will be selected on fly.

    Those layers can be culled, undone on the fly, if you are working on some layer, and you don't want to see other layers, then culling will help you a lot. Culling unwanted layers will help in speeding up the editor, as its not going to render those shapes anymore.
    Also you can export any of those layers to .jme format, and use in what ever program that you are willing to use, also you import any .jme geometry and put it into that layer.
    Improved Gizmo The gizmo has been improved, in terms of the look, to allow more transparent feeling for the user.
    Outlining the whole layer You can outline the layer using a facility provided by the jme engine.

    Some new way to create entities.

    Primitives We have introduced another way of creating primitives in the editor. You can create as much as you can from shapes, and save them into jme format, and they are ready to use anytime.

    Entities managment Now their is a better and more concrete way to edit the entity properties.

    A flag entity:
    You can add flags to were ever you want.

  • Terrain:

    Water addition:
    The new water system from MrCoder. was added to MonkeyWorld3D With full configuration.


    Terrian texture splatting:
    Texture spaltting is working now with MonkeyWorld3D



    Improved lightning:
    Better level lightning and managment

    Sample level :D: